WiC Officers

Chair of the Committee:  
Sonja Glavaski 
Newsletter Editor:
  Jihong Wang 
Mailing List Coordinator:
Laurie Ricker


Linda Bushnell
        Fahmida N. Chowdhury
Bozenna Pasik-Duncan
         Anna Maria Perdon
Cheryl B Schrader
Elena Zattoni
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It is very important for the CSS to have a large number of Senior Members, and for the WiC  it is very  important to have a  large number of female Senior Members!!

 how to do

The Women in Control committee shall be responsible for, but not limited to, promoting membership, gathering, and disseminating appropriate information about women in the IEEE Control Systems Society (CSS) and the profession and facilitating the development of mentoring and programs to promote the retention, recruitment, and growth of women CSS members.

In order to have some WiC members involved in NSF  review panels we are building a database that can be searched on line.

Please chose the keywords that better describe your research  in  the following list  and send them to me  

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Welcome Message

"Dear collegues,
    Although we are still a minority in the CSS, the visibility of women in the society has increased 

significantly during the last thirteen years due to the outstanding skills and the wonderful job done by Bozenna, 

Cheryl, Linda and all the others  who are volunteering for the society in several important positions." ...

 Forthcoming events



 ACC2011 - Women in Control Meeting  

  For  those who attend the ACC2011, San Francisco, you are welcome to attend:

                                            Women in Control Meeting

Venue:                                    To be announced,

There will be finger food served.


                                    Special Invitation: You and your friends are invited to join me in this Special Education Session with Refreshments.   


  ACC2011  San Francisco, CA     Wednesday, June 29, 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM,  Imperial A  

              Special Education Session: Emerging Control Education Issues.  

             Plain Talks on Systems & Control for a Wide Range of the Public (Revisited) 

              Organizer and Chair: Bozenna Pasik-Duncan, University of Kansas and Chair of CSS

                       and AACC Technical Committees on Control Education
               Sponsored by: CSS, AACC and University of Kansas


This Special Education Session will focus on multiple challenges and opportunities that are 

presented to young investigators preparing for careers in science and engineering and will 

address important control engineering education issues of balancing math, science and technology

 in engineering education. Invited international control engineering scholars and educators 

from academia and industry will share a word of wisdom in addressing the following and 

other related questions: How do we integrate research and education? What we, scientists 

and educators, should do about cultivating student interest in science, math and engineering? 

Is it important for control engineering students to know math and science? Should control engineering 

education focus mostly on engineering? What kind of control engineering textbooks are popular among students? 

Do they need textbooks? This event follows a series of similar successful events and celebrates the

 11th Anniversary of the Control Systems Society and American Automatic Control Council Outreach Program.  

This special Session will also revisit the project "Plain Talk on Systems & Control for a Wide Range of the Public" i

nitiated at the 2006 CDC in New Orleans and discuss the follow up project. One of the major challenges for 

the controls community is to enhance its own public image and convey the essence and contribution of the

 field to outsiders; for this, coordinated effort has to take place.  The purpose of this follow up project is 

to prepare “Plain Talk about the Power, Beauty and Excitement of  the Cross Boundaries Nature of the 

Systems & Control for the Non-Control Engineering Audience.”  A sample of short talks given at various

 workshops for high school teachers and students as well as for a target audience of non-control engineering 

professionals and the general public will be presented and discussed.


Recent studies* have shown the positive impact of role models on career decisions. 

are more likely to pursue their initial science aspirations. This section of the Women in Control 

web site is mainly intended to meet this need, particularly urgent to young women researchers. Nonetheless, 

this is a nice occasion to express our congratulations to the Colleagues who have attained these goals.






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