Meeting occasions

This section of the Women in Control web site collects information either on forthcoming meeting events .  

A special occasion is the Women in Control luncheon, 

which is usually held on Wednesday, at the main conferences, CDC and ACC.  

When possible a Wic lunch will be organized also during other conferences and workshops.



(last update 12/12/2011)


Forthcoming events



        Wednesday, December 14, 2011    00 – 1:30 pm

        Floridian Salon C     Lunch will be served.

Special Education Session   and the

Semiannual Meeting of Technical Committees

on Control Education

Organizer and Chair: Bozenna Pasik-Duncan, University of Kansas, Chair,   

                               IEEE CSS, AACC, and IFAC Technical Committees on Control Education

Sponsored by: IEEE CSS Technical Committee on Control Education and AACC  Education Committee


New Challenges and Opportunities in Control Education

                            Open Forum

Conversation with Richard Murray, co-author with Karl Astrom of “Feedback Systems”, the

winning textbook of the 2011 IFAC Harold Chestnut Control Engineering Textbook Prize.

Citation: “This textbook presents an innovative and enticing approach to feedback control of

dynamic systems, which is accessible to students from diverse backgrounds. It does this by

exploring a wide range of examples of dynamic systems and by drawing on conceptual

methods and computer tools for analysis and design. The book is well supported by a

website and by a forum for the sharing of instructional tools and experience."

The session will be joined by past winners of the IFAC Harold Chestnut Control Textbook Prize,

current and potential authors of control textbooks, and students and educators who are customers

of these textbooks.

The expected output of the session is to come up with criteria for writing successfully or for

selecting successfully control engineering textbook as well as for identifying other resources for

using effectively and successfully in teaching and learning control systems ideas and technology.

If time permits, a winning presentation from the Orlando Workshop for High School Teachers

and Students held on Monday, Dec. 12, 2011 will be given as an example of a “Plain Talk”, a

talk on control systems prepared for a general audience.


 ACC2011 - Women in Control Meeting  

  For  those who attend the ACC2011, San Francisco, you are welcome to attend:

                                            Women in Control Meeting

Venue:                                    To be announced,

There will be finger food served.



  ACC2011  San Francisco, CA     Wednesday, June 29, 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM,  Imperial A  

              Special Education Session: Emerging Control Education Issues.  

             Plain Talks on Systems & Control for a Wide Range of the Public (Revisited) 

              Organizer and Chair: Bozenna Pasik-Duncan, University of Kansas and Chair of CSS

                       and AACC Technical Committees on Control Education
               Sponsored by: CSS, AACC and University of Kansas

Special Invitation: You and your friends are invited to join me in this Special Education Session with Refreshments.   


This Special Education Session will focus on multiple challenges and opportunities that are 

presented to young investigators preparing for careers in science and engineering and will 

address important control engineering education issues of balancing math, science and technology

 in engineering education. Invited international control engineering scholars and educators 

from academia and industry will share a word of wisdom in addressing the following and 

other related questions: How do we integrate research and education? What we, scientists 

and educators, should do about cultivating student interest in science, math and engineering? 

Is it important for control engineering students to know math and science? Should control engineering 

education focus mostly on engineering? What kind of control engineering textbooks are popular among students? 

Do they need textbooks? This event follows a series of similar successful events and celebrates the

 11th Anniversary of the Control Systems Society and American Automatic Control Council Outreach Program.  

This special Session will also revisit the project "Plain Talk on Systems & Control for a Wide Range of the Public" i

nitiated at the 2006 CDC in New Orleans and discuss the follow up project. One of the major challenges for 

the controls community is to enhance its own public image and convey the essence and contribution of the

 field to outsiders; for this, coordinated effort has to take place.  The purpose of this follow up project is 

to prepare “Plain Talk about the Power, Beauty and Excitement of  the Cross Boundaries Nature of the 

Systems & Control for the Non-Control Engineering Audience.”  A sample of short talks given at various

 workshops for high school teachers and students as well as for a target audience of non-control engineering 

professionals and the general public will be presented and discussed.




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